The Embroidered Patches Resource

Embroidered patches are available in a variety of sizes and thread colors. Most patches are create by using a mesh backing that is then sewn onto using polyester, rayon or other synthetic threads. NNP is not in the business of manufacturing embroidered patches, rather, we are enthusiasts following trends in the custom embroidery and apparel market!

When you order custom patches from an online retailer, be sure to check to see if the company is reputable and has customer testimonials that can be substantiated. Most embroidered patches are manufactured in China, and the suppliers you are dealing with should be an expert in international trade and sourcing to get you the best deal possible.

Most suppliers will provide free design and artwork services and many these days offer free shipping (it’s included with your order) to make the ordering processed easy and streamlined.

 Backing Types

Several backing types are offered for custom patches ranging from your standard bare-stitches backing, which is referred to as no-backing because the threads are left bare and you can use the patches for any purpose without having a predefined backing already on them. This allows you to use your patches for any number of uses and apply them to a wide range of garment and fabric types.


Most embroidered patches are available with 2-3 border types. The most popular is the merrow border, which is a heavy stitched border that is raised and encircles the entire patch. The second most common type of border is a hot-cut border (or heat-cut) which is cut to the shape of your design using a hot knife or scissors. A hot-cut border offers near-limitless shape customization.

The third most common type of border is a laser-cut border, which offers extremely accurate and pinpoint sharp edges for even the most elaborately shaped designs.

Thread Colors

Most patch companies will offer a certain number of thread colors for free until they begin to charge. The industry standard seems to be right at about 7-8 thread colors, plus your mesh backing color. This provides you with 8-9 colors on your patches at the standard pricing.

Mesh Colors

The mesh is the fabric onto which your design is sewn. There are many colors of mesh twill available and most colors can be matched. The mesh backing offers some dimensional contrast from the raised stitched thread to offer a semi 3-dimensional appearance to your patches once they are completed.

Patch Resources

Custom patches by Custom Patches HQ – This is our recommended supplier. This company does great work and has been in business for over 10 years. Great quality, service, and friendly help when you need it.

Wikipedia Embroidered Patches – Wikipedia offers a wealth of information about embroidered patches.